The Raising and The Letting Go

From the minute a child leaves the womb their mother is devoted toward raising them and eventually letting them go. The most loving thing a mother can do is to help their child toward independence and let them go with a smile. With my father not around that must have been so much harder for my mum. The spoons played by Jo May at the end of this song were made in Ban Naphia in Laos from the melted debris of the bombs dropped on them during the Vietnam war.

My mother once told me to be fair of heart, to give of me plenty and hold none apart, to be all of me open and all of me free, for the young man I’m courting, oh wanting is he.

My old man he cares not for he will not know, my mother she raised me and told me to go.

I would never had taken me a young one to my home, for to meet with my dear mother dear I would never be so bold. Taken back I were my love for I had not foreseen, for to rid herself of me my mother she would be so keen.

My mother she told told me I was never to be proud but to serve all those who love me, to be humble and be sound. For a mothers love is sweet and dear, it takes you from the womb and gently it delivers you to the hands of a fine young groom.

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