“Ange Hardy perfectly balances the strengths of traditional folk music with fresh writing...There is not a weak track among the 14 on Somerset singer-songwriter Ange Hardy's album The Lament of the Black Sheep”
     Martin Chilton, The Telegraph 

"A collection of her own songs which sound as if they might be traditional. These are proper folk songs...a fine album immersed in the tradition, but with a modem perspective"
     -  Ian Croft, R2 magazine 

"An album that marks the arrival of a new star in the folk firmament."
     - Americana UK 

"Ange’s guitar technique and especially her voice are also major factors in the spectacular success of The Lament Of The Black Sheep."
     - Simon Holland, Folk Radio UK

"By far my favourite album of 2014"
     - Gary Hazlehurst, The Folk Show, StafffordFM

"Ange Hardy's one of the bright stars of the new wave of folk singers. What I like about her work is that while it is all new, all new written stuff, it seems deeply rooted in the story telling tradition. It doesn't have any element at all of pastiche it just seems to work incredibly well. She tells new stories in an age old way, I think it works terrifically well.'
     - MIKE HARDING, The Mike Harding folk Show

"If last year’s album marked a triumphant return to the folk world, this firmly consolidates her position as one of the finest contemporary-traditional voices in the field, and were I Eliza Carthy or Cara Dillon I’d be looking over my shoulder very carefully."
     - Mike Davies, Folking.com

"this is a startling piece of work. Forty five minutes of beautifully crafted and performed music and it’s simply just a treat to sit back and let the whole Lament experience wash over you a few times before delving deeper into the songs...the name of Ange Hardy and her Lament Of The Black Sheep are going to feature prominently on the end of year Best Of’s - get your money down now."
     - Mike Ainscoe, bright young folk

"A really promising artist with great expression in her song delivery"
    Bruce MacGregor, Travelling Folk ~ BBC Soctland 

"Beautiful. Lovely voice"
    Bruce MacGregor, Travelling Folk ~ BBC Soctland 

“Isn't it beautiful. I like the fact that you can imagine she was born and raised in her early years in Somerset and then went of to Ireland for a few years and learnt all that craft and then brought it back to Somerset again.
It just screams of rural upbringing in England and Ireland as well. 
Great, and evocative of the old times.”
 - Charlie Taylor, BBC Introducing in the West

"My Album of the week"
     - Iain Anderson, BBC Scotland

"Great songs that are all written by her and they sound almost as if they were written a hundred years ago...There isn't a duff track on the album" 
     - Doug Welch , BBC Radio Kent

"She has such a wonderful voice, Splendid. "
     - Frank Hennessy, Celtic Heartbeat ~ BBC Wales 

"Album's like Ange Hardy's "The Lament Of The Black Sheep" are a genuinely once in a blue moon album ... not only is she an incredible vocalist, she is also damned fine with the pen, the result is songs that could move a statue"
     - Neil King FATEA Magazine

"Ange's bursting onto the scene last year wasn't just down to her extraordinary talent as both a writer and performer, but also her willingness to put in the graft. Not only is she a true creative in her craft, she realises that in order for that to be truly appreciated, you need to make sure that you're being heard"
    - Neil King, FATEA Magazine

"a wonderfully written and arranged album which does the task that folk music loves to perform, and that is telling stories"
     - Paul Rawcliffe, English Dance & Song Magazine (www.efdss.co.uk)

“The unbelievable music of Ange Hardy...I will be very very surprised if it isn't on dozens of best of the year lists it's that good, it's one of those albums that just grabs you instantaneously. Every track is an absolute winner.”
     - Rick Stewart, Roots and Fusion

"You only have to listen to ‘The Lament of The Black Sheep’ to hear the living heart of folk music beating throughout."
     - Tim Carroll, FolkWords

"This lady burst into my consciousness very recently, she's called Ange Hardy, The CD's called 'The Lament of The Black Sheep' and this is a lovely one, what a cracker!"
     - Genevieve Tudor's Sunday Folk, BBC Shropshire

"A really interesting album it is too. She's really very talented. 'The Sailor's Farewell' ...what a beautiful, sad song, really moving I thought."
     - Frank Hennessy, Celtic Heartbeat ~ BBC Wales

"Brilliant, the album really is excellent."
     - Brian Player, Acoustic Music Radio

"The songs are so immersive that you end up yearning for that vanished age, maybe it is an unrealistic rural idyll...brilliant second album" 
     - Spiral Earth

"a towering talent of our folk scene with a huge and broad repertoire."
   - Tamsin Rosewell, Radio Warwickshire

"Mightily impressed." 
     -  Mike Norris, Classic Folk 

"The vision which emerges from this beautifully textured album is that heritage is as much about the soul we carry with us as it is about the physical landscape that we spend our lives roaming across."
     - Piers Ford, The Art of The Torch Singer

"The album is, like Ange's voice, just delightful. Please give it a listen. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I have done."
     - Graham Hobbs, Shire Folk

"extremely well sung and extremely attractively presented (nay, a work of art): it’s a really special record"
     - David Kidman, The Living Tradition 

"It is gorgeous. It is a very, very fine album indeed. It's all self written, she wrote every song on it herself, but it just soaks up and exudes folk music of the very best sort with lots of imagination and lots of very good stuff going on throughout it."
     - Steve Clarke, CuilinFM

"the album is keenly anticipated by folk writers and radio presenters up and down the country. Without doubt, this CD is going to do well."
Mike Weaver, Armandaleg

"Is that beautiful, or what? I love Ange Hardy, she's great... I haven't even lined up the next tune I've been so enthralled by that CD!"
     - The Richard Harris Folk and Blues Show

"Ange has the rare ability to be able to write convincingly in a ‘traditional’ style which sounds genuinely  authentic."
     - Alan Morley, UK Folk Music

"another phenomenal female folk singer to add to my favourites list alongside the likes of Kathryn Roberts,Kate Rusby and Cara Dillon."
     - Rob Powell, Band of Badgers

"Very very clever, Very talented lady"
     - Chris Bowden, Radio Wimborne

"Ange is very well liked among presenters, she's got a lovely voice, she writes her own songs but there's such a traditional feel. Absolutely stunning."
     - Liz Franklin, Folkal Point 

"I love it. I got a chance to listen to the entire album and it's so melodic and it's also very introspective, every song tells a story. Ange is a very family orientated person from what I can garner about her and the album seems to draw from personal experience and even the liner notes, everything feels like you're being shown a private part of someone's life. The album title itself comes from something her son used to say, the whole album as a package is just fantastic and I thoroughly recommend you go pick up a copy."
- Alex McKay, Monday Music Lab

"Very very lucky, pleased and honoured to have a copy of the album it's absolutely gorgeous. I tell you one thing as well, I strongly recommend that you go on to Ange Hardy's website and look at the section called Ange's story. I don't think I've ever read such an honest open account of someones life laid bare for all to see on a website like that. It explains why her song writing is so stunning because it is just real, like her, she is a phenomenon and the only thing I can follow Ange Hardy with really is another Ange Hardy!"
     - Rick Stewart, Roots & Fusion

“One of the most impressive one's of the lot, Fantastic stuff. Great listening, quality songwriting and briliant harmonies from Ange as usual … get it and watch out for her.”
     - Alan Morley, FolkRise  

"Ange Hardy continues the tradition...Fourteen songs, assumedly Hardy-penned, and every one reaching deep. Nice, nice stuff."
     - Mark Tucker, FAME

"Another gem from Hardy, anticipating the prospect of even more exciting musical development."
     - Colin Bailey, The Bailey Beat

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